Tea with Mom

A friend recently told me about a tea place in our area called Coffee, Tea And Tulips and with a name like that I had to try it.  Dublin made me appreciate a traditional English tea---the kind that comes with your own kettle, and a scone or a muffin and some good jam.  I don't know why the afternoon tea tradition didn't carry over to America but it really should have. 

Their menus are taped onto the inside of large hardcover picture books.  How cute is that?  And somehow they new my mom liked art and I liked...

 Teddy Bears?


Mmm...scone with jam and cream!


  1. Love the book idea! I have never seen that before. Everything looks delicious!


  2. what a cute place!!! love it...

  3. Awww...makes me wish my mama lived a little closer to me! I just love, love, love the idea of the menus in the books!

  4. That's perfect! I would love to visit a place like that! LOVE the menus! Too cute!

  5. this is so cute! we used to have a little tea parlor where i live and my mom and i would go have dates there all the time. but then it closed so that's sad. i was in london for a day [layover] a few years ago and all i wanted to do was have some tea and no one in my group went for that.

  6. I know right?! Went I went to Europe this summer I felt like my group was too into the sightseeing and not enough into the actual culture of the country.