Reunion at The Bruery

We had a little mini college reunion this weekend at my house.  Cameron just loves craft beer so we decided to try this brewery he had heard about in Orange County, The Bruery.  It was popular and friendly and had that Orange County feel to it...I have no better word to describe it than with the word "Indie."  Indie is the people with wide rim glasses, maybe a tattoo here or there, flannel and floral prints; an easy affordable look that says "no we are not mainstream, no we do not care about brand names."  And with the look comes people who dare to be different, who value intelligence, morals, religion, and acceptance of others.  At any "totally local" place in Orange County, you can be sure to find these kinds of people.  Maybe on another blog post I'll share pictures of what this style means to me.

Anyway, we had such a great time together the whole weekend.  Times where the conversation continues to spill out because we're just so excited to be with each other again.  It was a real treat to start out my Labor Day weekend with really good friends.  And I'm finishing it with blogging and watching a little Band of Brothers, to remember what this holiday is really about.  How did you spend your 3-day?


  1. Jealous of your 3 day weekend! I had only one day off, because I had to get my classroom ready for the first day of school! Your description of indie sounds like a description of a "hipster." I hope you do share what the style means to you!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog :), I love your definition of Indie or 'hipsters', so funny! I once had a friend ask me what is a hipster and described exactly what they were just by what they were wearing.

  3. and every time i go to the orange circle i always want to stop by this place, i have been in it multiple times but never done a beer tasting