Long Talks

Last night the San Francisco boyfriend and I were talking on the phone about his first day at work when my words just started to tumble out of me.  Has that ever happened to you?  You've been holding something back and once you get started into saying something everything just comes out.  I started telling him about the doubts I had in our realtionship and how much pressure I was feeling to make him happy and move up there with him and I just told him all of these worries and doubts I've been having for the last few weeks that I was just too afraid to say out loud. 

He handled everything so well, and listened to me so patiently and didn't once get upset or defensive.  He talked me through everything and made me feel so much better.  And the whole talk ironically made all my doubts and worries feel silly, because he truly is such a great guy and we have a really good relationship.  And so I'm writing this post as a much less anxious and worried me than the past few weeks.  And I guess the advice you can take from this if you can take any, is that good communication in any relationship is so important. 


  1. Sometimes just letting it out is all you need to feel better. He sounds like a great guy!

  2. Awwww, kudos to your guy for taking that in stride. We all have doubts from time to time. I think its always better to get it out than let it brew inside.

  3. Goodluck with your boyfriend! I love your blog & how honest you are.

    1. Thank you! I use my blog as part journal, part photo album so I always try to write honestly.

  4. So perfect! Good communication is definitely an important part of a relationship. Beautiful!
    xo TJ

  5. It's nice to hear that you have such a great relationship! And I definitely agree that good communication is the key to successful relationship!