Oh so Smitten

First weekend of summer and San Francisco fulfilled its stigma with a cold, rainy and foggy Sunday.  But even though it didn't feel like summer I still had the urge for ice cream.  There is this ice cream place in Hayes Valley that was built using an old shipping container.  I've been wanting to try it because its typically packed every weekend and because it wasn't really ice cream weather the line wasn't too bad so we stopped in. 
They make each scoop individually, using super cold liquid nitrogen....I know, real fancy.  They claim to make the smoothest ice cream in the world because the ice cream never has a chance to make the ice crystals that start to occur when its ice cream frozen.  Anyway, it was definitely fun to watch my personalized scoop being made but San Francisco has so many great ice cream places I'm not sure I can give this one the title of "My favorite," but I will agree with "smoothest."

That foggy gas...yah that's liguid nitrogen. 

Oh, so smooth. 


San Francisco, You Stole My Heart

I'm falling completely in love with the city and we all know how those first few months of love go... My life has been a whirlwind of first experiences and I've barely had time to myself, yet along to blog.  But I think it's so important to share and document all these wonderful memories I'm making so I'll be making much more of an effort.
Last weekend was the North Beach Fair and I was invited to a party with lovely people and many jello shots.  At one point we all went to the roof and standing there, overlooking the city I felt a feeling of belonging to this city sweep over me.  Oh San Francisco, I am yours and you are mine.