Date Night

Jon and I finally got around to going on a real date to this nice place right on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), Javier's (the Crystal Cove location).  We shared a fajita platter.  The food, the drinks, the atmosphere was -I feel like an old rich white guy when I say this- "top notch."  It's probably my favorite restaurant in Orange County...but with the price to show for it.  So its reserved only for special treat date nights. 

Anyway we had a great time but then near the end of the meal we ended up getting in a pretty big fight.  It was sparked mostly by the stress of Jon's impending move to San Francisco in a week.  Does anyone else in a long term relationship feel like the pressure of a real date night brings about arguments?  I feel like its when you've planned something important and you want the night to go perfectly that any little setback feels worse than it usually does.  I feel like if we had been out to coffee, our argument would have been merely a discussion.  Thoughts?


  1. i have been to the javiers at the irvine spectrum, great food. sorry about the date night ending with a fight those are never fun

  2. Ha I totally know what you mean. Except my boyfriend and I usually just argue about it and that's that. Plus, usually it's me being irrational. At least I can admit it, right? Hope everything is okay now though!


  3. Any price is worth it when you have a cool lamp above your head!
    I was in a long distance relationship for years and now we're finally living together for a little while, and there is a LOT of pressure on dates to make them perfect right before you/ he has to leave. It all works out though ;)


    1. Yah you definitely understand. Thanks!

  4. Oh, what a lovely place! I've been to Crystal Cove but it was years ago and didn't really do too much exploring. Cute blog!

  5. I do agree that date nights can often feel more stressful than a casual meet-up for coffee. When you're dressed up and spending more money than usual, you so desperately want it to be fun! I hope that you two were able to end the evening on a positive note. Fighting is awful.

  6. I can totally relate to that. It's sometimes the nights you build up to be so wonderful and romantic that end like that. Why is that? I hate when that happens b/c the memory turns into something bad when the evening started out so good. Long distance is super hard and stressful. I hope you guys are able to work through everything.