Jon Moves Today

I mentioned here that Jon would be moving away soon and that day is finally today.  It has surprised me how depressed its made me.  It's only going to be a few months and he's within driving distance (6 hours) but I just can't help thinking about how we can't just grab a quick coffee, or end the day with a movie, or just plain hug and kiss each other whenever we want to.  And its just never been like that for us, and I can't help but be nervous about how its gonna go. 

But instead I'm going to try to focus on my excitement for him and for us as we begin a new chapter into our adult lives and especially on the fact that we're doing it together.

I hope you're having a better Monday.


  1. I'm so sorry! I would be having a hard time too but everything will work out! I hope your day gets better!

  2. I felt the same when my boyfriend moved to Sweden for 5 months. But now I live with him again and we're happier than ever! :) Keep strong, and everything will work! :)

  3. Where is he going? Being away is tough, I'm going through that right now.

    1. He's moving to San Francisco (I'm in Orange County). I'm supposed to move up there in a few months too.

  4. oh, sorry he's away! maybe the distance will bring you closer together!

  5. Aw, long distance is tough but it's manageable! I've been on one for nearly 10 months now, it sucks sometimes when I think about all the things we could be doing together, but it's a good challenge for the both of us. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? :)

    I'm glad you found my LDR post a bit helpful, by the way. Thank you :)

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