Free Sake for a Good Time

Over the weekend Alyssa took my sister and me to this restaurant about 20 minutes away in Orange area, called Shabu Shabu.  This place was awesome!!  Not only do you get a FREE sake if you check in to yelp on your smart phone (because that would be enough for me to love this place), the service is really friendly and funny, and the food is great.  You get a choice of meat and this comes with rice and vegetables and it all comes out for you to cook yourself in boiling water.  It's kinda like Korean BBQ, but instead of a BBQ fire pit you have your own pot of boiling water that you can flavor yourself.  It may sound a little odd but its very good and such a fun time. 

Waiting for our seats to be ready...its all bar-type seating

Plenty of Sakes

The boiling water and the sesame seeds you grind up to become part of your sauce

Spicy seasoning?   Yes. Always yes.

Sake number one.

At the end they make some of your left over noodles and things and your water into a soup...yum!

Sake number two!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I would love to try a place like that!

  2. looks like fun! i'm so jealous, i'm in vermont for school and there is no shabu. it's so freakin good, i'm definitely going to have to grab some when i go home =)

  3. I just moved to SF and now I cannot wait to try this place. It looks so strange and yet so fun!

    1. Actually this restaurant is Orange County. My boyfriend lives in San Francisco, but I live in OC.