Eurotrip...Stop 1: Ireland

Hi all,
I have recently just returned from my 5 week backpacking trip through Europe!  And when I say backpacking I'm not using it as a quaint term to describe travelling cheap...I mean I actually went through Europe for 5 weeks with JUST a backpack.  I know, I know I almost wouldn't believe myself.  What's surprising is discovering how little I actually need.  Coming home I feel almost bombarded by the amount of stuff I have.  A further argument towards living life more simplistically.  But that's another blog post all together.
Although it was 5 weeks ago, I'm starting my series of Europe blog posts with the first stop: Dublin, Ireland.  Dublin, is filled with friendly people with quaint accents who are genuinely interested and welcoming to tourists.  Green is everywhere, the landscape, the flag and various patriotic adornments.  The weather is quite unpredictable--at one time it could be sunny and warm and the next its a torrential downpour blowing sideways into your face.  This picture was taken just as one of these downpours caught us.
As you can see, Ireland truly is as green as they say it is.  Although we went in late June, the weather was cool and as I mentioned before it rained on and off the whole time we were there.  My favorite thing about Ireland was the myriad of adorable cafes.  I assume the number of them is probably related to the rainy weather.  I'm a cafe person myself, so the cute cafes and friendly people were enough to sell me on Dublin.
The Cliffs of Moher

At St. Stephen's Green

Warning: when speaking to Irish people, make sure to say all your "th's" as "t's," for example to 3 is "tree" and a 1000 is a "t-ousand." Also attempt to sound like your singing instead of merely having a conversation.  Do this with a Guinness in hand and you'll fit right in.

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