I amsterdam

Amsterdam.  I look back on this city with slightly more fondness than the others.  Amsterdam had a quiet familiarity for me with its bike traffic and temperate weather.    Any city that uses bikes as one of its main forms of transports automatically strikes a chord in my heart. With beautiful picturesque views over arched bridges and potted flowers it was easy to stroll along and fall in love with this city.  Joining the younger crowd in "Coffeshops," I watch groups of young people share stories over herbal teas, hot chocolates and grey smoke. But also it was a city with an attitude that said "look kid, we've seen it all here."  There was a sense of individualistic freedom and an overall acceptance of the entirely strange.  My only negative for this city other than the red glow and outrageousness of the Red Light District was the weather.  In the middle of July, I was cold in pants and a jacket---just a little too cold for my liking.

Heinekens on our boat cruise.

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  1. Lucky you! Amsterdam looks gorgeous, especially in that last photo. We went to Paris a few months ago and was considering taking a train ride to Amsterdam (we didn't). Next time!