A Typical Orange County Day

After living in Santa Barbara for school the last 4 years, I now find I lack the excitement and fondness I once had for Orange County.  "It's so hot here!" you'll here me repeatedly complain.  Or "everyone here  is so superficial."  I now find the place to lack character or personality.

This being said, with a day like yesterday I find myself slowly warming up to it.  Jon and I went to Laguna Beach (yes the same as the MTV show Laguna Beach).  It was hot, but the water was wonderfully cold and refreshing.

 Rainbow Sandals are an Orange County must

 We ended the beach with lunch at Chipotle, I'm not sure where Chipotle started but Orange Countians have truly embraced this restaurant as part of their culture.

All in all, how can you not fall a little bit more in love with a place after a day like that?

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