Viva La Fiesta

It's Fiesta week in Santa Barbara.  What does this mean you ask?  I'm not sure what we actually celebrate during Fiesta, I just know that it means eggs filled with confetti, a mexican food fair, and lots of drinking.  Also, the phrase "Viva La Fiesta" can be heard quite frequently on the streets.  The holiday is Spanish in origin but in all my years in Santa Barbara I have yet to figure what out the meaning behind the celebration.  A bunch of us carpooled up to Santa Barbara Saturday morning to stay with one of our friends who still lives up there.  We started out with Mojitos at his place and then met up with more friends at Sharkeez, where we ordered the fish bowl.
There was a toy shark swimming around in there!

Hand painted confetti eggs, the black and red are Spiderman heads.

The confetti egg damage

The next morning I visited my sister at her place.  If living on the ocean doesn't make you love life then I don't know what will.

The view from her backyard

Don't be jealous just yet...she pays $800 a month to share a (regular-sized) room with 2 other girls, and they managed to squeeze 12 girls into this single house.  When you live in paradise...you have to pay for it.

I loved being back in Santa Barbara (I live with my parents in Orange County now that I graduated school) but it also made me a little sad.  I looked around at all the college kids there and realized...this isn't my college anymore, this is theirs now.  And fittingly my weekend was capped off with a call from the UCSB alumni association asking me to donate to the senior gift, which I did.  Oh the literary eloquence of my life.

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