To a 3:30am Friday Night Kinda Night

Beautiful weekend.  Beautiful weather, wonderful company, and great memories.

My Friday night was wonderful.  Went to lunch with a new sweet friend at work...I love the beginnings of a new friend--those first few times of hanging out with someone that you're really clicking with.  I love listening to people attempt to explain the basics of their life, their background, their family, their friends.  I love getting candid answers about someone's life.  Not to mention we tried a sandwich shop close to work that had just opened and it turned out to be amazing.  Good food.  Good company.
And then we all went to happy hour, followed by more drinks, followed by an art showing at our coworkers gallery, followed by a bar, followed by beers on the roof.  It was great to get back into those nights that never end building bonds with new friends.


  1. I need more Friday nights like yours!! Sounds like a blast

  2. New friends are the best. Hearing people justify the things they say to another person. It's funny when someone says something even they think sounds weird and they back track to try to explain.

    I sound a little mean, huh? I do it too. I always think I sound crazy when I first meet people.

  3. Even though that first photo is only of a kite flying against a blue sky, I think it captures happiness beautifully :)