Sunset hike

 Today some of my roommates and I hiked to the hills behind Berkeley, and we timed it to watch the sunset. It felt so good to be doing something local with my roommates and being in nature.  Am I the only one who gets an automatic "de-stress" from being enveloped by trees.  And then we watched the sun go down right behind the Golden Gate bridge.  What a way to cap off Monday right?

That is the City across the bay and to the right. Ahhw love it.

Anyone else do something to ease their Monday blues?


  1. these pictures are beeeautiful!!! i am so jealous of your weather. i'd go on a hike right now but my nose would probably plumb fall right off from frostbite.

  2. That sunset is unreal. You caught it at a perfect moment!

  3. so, so gorgeous. I'm envious of your woodland surroundings.
    this looks completely relaxing and fun!

  4. Such beautiful pictures!
    Makes me want to escape this winter.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! What beautiful scenery for a hike!