My Happy Place

Hello blogging world,

I am currently at a Starbucks in Emeryville (a 5 minute drive from my house in Berkeley) and I am in my happy place.  Moving somewhere brand new, with no job and not too many friends can be hard.  A lot of times I can't shake the feeling that I'm out on my own...alone.  And when I get those feelings...like I did today, I have to admit that Starbucks is my happy place.  It is my home away from home.  When I was backpacking Europe this past summer, and I started to feel a little frustrated with being in the New and Unfamiliar all the time...Starbucks was there to make me feel for a brief moment, I was home.  Every Starbucks, whether it be in Spain or Mexico or Emeryville is all set up the same with the same menu, the same comfy seating, the same free Wifi! (pronounced WeeFee in Spain).  And I think that THAT, more than the coffee, is what is behind the Starbucks craze.  That it can be a home away from home.

Anyway else have an odd appreciation for the 'bucks?


  1. Coffee shops in general are just my favorite! What a fun time of life you are in :)

  2. We should be real life friends and e-mail about our lives. I just moved into my own apartment in Dallas (5 days ago) after living with two friends from college since August. (Moved out because the commute was too long and things just weren't working out. Good friends, BAD roommates.) It's just me and my dog, and I'm trying desperately to make some plans for Saturday dinner. I moved in on Friday, but I was unpacking all weekend so I was really busy, but I'm afraid of spending a whole 48 hours alone!

  3. It is so hard moving to a brand new place and not having many friends, it's always a great adventure though=) I am in total agreeance that Starbucks is a happy place!

    Rachel ~ Topaz n Pearls

  4. I agree with Kelly ^^
    Coffee shops always make me feel so at home and relaxed :)

  5. I bet it's hard being away from home with hardly any friends... But hey, what an experience you'll have :)! And yes, I must admit - if I'm in a new city alone, I always go to Starbucks. Because I know it and I feel kind safe :).
    Thanks for your comment, stay in touch! :)


  6. I am going to have to spend more time in Starbucks these days, since I have a lot more time on my hands it seems :)

    I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words on my blog the other day...for some reason what you said, over everyone else, made me smile and see the bright side. So thank you!

    Following you! xo

  7. We should exchange e-mail addresses. Mine's sizemorean (at) yahoo.com :)

    I'm in Dallas working in a neuroscience lab. They do a lot of aging and Alzheimer's research. I'm helping two new professors set-up their labs.