Dear Southwest,

This weekend I flew home to Orange County for Valentine's Day and I just have to take this time to talk about the best flight experience, ever!!

First, I had already printed my boarding pass on Southwest Online check-in and I wasn't checking baggage so all I had to do was go straight through security.  It took me literally 5 minutes!

Then I enjoyed bay views and Pete's coffee as I waited to board.  Who knew Oakland airport had such a beautiful view!?

We took off right at sunset, so I said goodbye to my picturesque SF city as the sun went down.

The Golden Gate is in that reddish blur in the middle of this picture.

And then our flight attendant was like a stand up comedian as he went through the usual flight attendant speech...he had the whole plane cracking up.  And because I was flying on Valentine's Day, Southwest gave me a free alcoholic beverage!  And to top it off we landed ten minutes early.

I was just so impressed with the experience I had to share and give Southwest a little promo.

I'll leave you with a little scene from my Valentine's Day.  How was your Vday weekend?


  1. so glad you had an awesome flight! my aunt actually works for southwest as a flight attendant! maybe she was the comedian :)

  2. ok it was a he, probably not my aunt haha!

  3. Nice! I'd have been ecstatic for a free drink too ;)

  4. On my flights to Tampa a few weeks ago the attendants were HILARIOUS! Makes traveling a little bit more enjoyable :)