Best Christmas Present

Between work Christmas, my birthday (on the 30th) and the New Year I've been happily busy.
My next conquest: finding a job up in San Francisco.  If any of you have had to look for a job in the past few years then you feel my pain.  Everything is online nowadays which seems like a convenience but it's not!  Just as you finishing inputting all of your work history (which you've done many times for every single job you've applied to) the website has an error and after screaming for a little bit you have to do it all again.  Or what about the cover letter you need to edit and rewrite for each specific job?!!  Not to mention the many interviews I will soon be going on.  Yes, finding a job is quite a conquest indeed...so wish me luck!

In the meantime, for your comedic relief, I'm going to post my absolute favorite Christmas present ever!  My sister and cousins and friends reenacted one of my favorite SNL skits.  Here is the link (watch it first if you've never seen it, so that you can see how much they nailed it).


And here is their version:

By the way my sister and cousin are the hams of the show...I bet you can guess which ones.


  1. I'll send you lots of good thoughts on finding a job! You can doooo it. Happy 2013! :)

  2. I am also job hunting in SF. To say I feel your pain would be an understatement :)

    Best of luck to you!!!

  3. lovely blog and happy new year! x