And the hunt continues

While the applying to jobs is getting exceedingly tedious, the discovery of the thousands of different jobs that are out there keep it interesting.  Did anyone know that there is actually a job out called a "Social Media Manager?"  This job is pretty much what I do on a weekly basis...blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc...but you get paid to do it!  With this job hunt, I'm becoming more and more unsure of what it is I actually want to do, career wise.  To be truly honest with myself, what I really want in a career is a job that pays well and is somewhat enjoyable to do.  That doesn't really narrow it down.  The variety of jobs out there is just  astounding.  But while there are many jobs out there, there are not many I seem to be qualified for yet.  Of the around 10 jobs I have applied to...I've received zero responses.  Its very discouraging.  

On a more encouraging note...here is a taste of my spontaneous trip to SF last weekend to move up my mattress.

Road Trippin'

John Muir National Redwood Forest.

Napa Wine Tasting
First Stop: Domaine Carneros

The two glasses to the side were the first of many free glasses to come, needless to say, we ended up staying at this winery the whole afternoon.

Yes, more free wine please!

A word of advice for those interested in Napa; while the weather might not be as nice during the winter, you have a lot less tourists to compete with for tasting at the wineries.  This, for us, lead to great service and conversation and tons of free wine!!  Our server even told us that had this been the busy season he probably would have set down our tasting set and left and that would be it...as opposed to the hours he spent educating and talking with us.  He even showed us the coolest trick--we equated with magic.  He poured the same bottle of wine into 4 different shaped glasses, swirled them around for a bit, and then let us try them.  All four tasted like a completely different wine!!! So it turns out all the fuss over wine glass shape is a real thing!


  1. Wine tasting is awesome! I might have to try the bottle I have at home in diff glasses. I always thought that was a lie!

    Good luck on the job hunt. It will work out.

  2. Okay, you all are just too cute! And these pictures are STUNNING! I love the shot of the sun shining through in the trees!
    xo TJ