Since I work at a bar right now my "weekend" is Sunday-Monday.  This weekend I went to visit my little sister up in SB.  She lives right on the ocean (has to live with 12 other girls in the tiny place to afford it) but still, its just amazing every time I visit.  We went to sleep listening to the waves crash and we woke up to this view in the morning.

On Monday we met my older sister at Universal Studios for Grinchmas.  My whole family is very enthusiastic about Christmas so we pretty much love Grinchmas.

I just first want to point out how awesome my shirt is...Christmas Walrus, yes.

Sister time!

"Okay now look more bad ass..."

The Grinch and the Who's perform during the tram tour.

It's snowing in Southern California ?!
No, those are bubbles. 

I hope you all are feeling a little bit more festive after that post, I know I sure am.


  1. I love the Whoville Tree! I've never been to Grinchmas, but I must go next year for sure!

    The walrus tee is perfection!

  2. I just wrote a whole comment and lost it! It went something like this...I want to go to Grinchmas!! I never knew it even existed. The tree is AMAZING.

    Your shirt, I want it.

    Also, you usually work at a bar? I looove bars.

  3. Great post,I LOVE your blog!
    Following you now hope you follow me back :)

  4. lovely blog.