San Francisco Photo Dump

This was my Saturday afternoon/night in San Francisco.  There is just so much to do in the city, and so many sites to see, I just fell in love.

The Boy in front of his new place 

The Boy's neighborhood--the Mission District 

Philz Coffee, a local favorite 

Sake bombing and sushi.

Jonathan's Holiday party at The Winery

Then post-party drinks at Kell's with my college roommate Audrey

Goodnight SF


  1. I want to visit San Fran so badly! But I think Denver is going to be my next trip 'cause it's fairly cheap!

  2. I love SF! Such a rad city :) I feel like I never can see enough when I go there. Your dress is too cute! I tried on one just like it at H&M yesterday

  3. Hey girl, I think your GFC connect/follower thing is messed up? I've tried following you like four times! :(

  4. April, it shows you as one of my followers? I guess it worked out? I'm not really tech savvy with the blogger stuff, so I hope so!