Saying Thanks in November

Is there anything better than meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in awhile?  This is a picture from last Saturday. 

I really took for granted the times when I lived so close to this girl--she was either in the same room or in a room just next to me, over the past four years.  And now I have to get used to life without seeing her for weeks.  It really is true what they say about friendships in college--college is where you make a lot of your life long friends.  I have a different closeness with the friends I made in college than the ones I made in high school, they feel more like family to me.  In line with November, the month of giving thanks, I wanna say that I am really grateful for the friendships I've made, may I always appreciate them the way I do now, when our times together are rare.

What are you all grateful for this November?


  1. College friends are definitely friends for life. I'm currently living with my old college roommate as we pursue our Masters degrees, but I can't imagine what it'll be like without her!