It's that time of year again..

We've had the fire going, Christmas music playing and sipping on peppermint mochas throughout the weekend.  It's that time of year again and anyone who knows me, knows how excited I am about Christmas.  In fact on the day the holiday cups came out at Starbucks, I had 2 different friends text me a picture of them and their red cups!  The Christmas bug just runs in my family...my dad, my 2 sisters and I are all just crazy about this season.  There is just something  about this time that really makes you remember what life is really all about...little special moments with loved ones.

So anyway, I'm enjoying Christmas music by the fire tonight...cozied up with the dog, listening to all my favorites.  I challenge you all to a "Finish that Christmas Lyric" competition...winner buys peppermint mochas!


  1. It is never too early for Christmasy things! It is for sure the best time of the year! I'm jealous of your fireplace, we just moved to a place that doesn't have one and I am not liking it. Thanks for commenting on my blog post and for visiting, I am now a new follower! : )

  2. I'm also crazy about Chirstmas. I.Live.For.it.

    Coming from a family where we eat as if we've never been fed and sing at the top of our lungs to Christmas songs, I'm not sure I could get away with not being a little elf come December 25...

    I began listening to Christmas last week, so no its not too early...never too early!

    Enjoy all of the festivities!


  3. Mmm peppermint mochas sound amazing!

  4. I LOVE this time of the year too! christmas decorations will be put up at my house next week - can't wait!!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my new blog. And let me just say, "Mmmm...peppermint mochas!"