Much Awaited Post and the Maid of Honor Toast

So much to post about and what to start with?  Since the reason I haven't posted for a week was my sister's wedding, the crazy amounts of family visiting and the fact that I was the Maid of Honor, I'll start with something wedding related.

Getting ready for the big day...it took all day!
 We made the bouquets ourselves. Crazy!

Here was my toast.  I ended up not having very much time to go over it on the big day, because I spent most of the time worried about the bride but I ended up saying it exactly how I wanted.  People laughed when I wanted them too, I even made some good improvised comments and I felt like I really got the emotions I was feeling across.  It was such a great day, but it went by way too fast!   I'm so happy for my sister, she looked incredibly happy on her big day.

Maid of Honor Toast:

"When I sat down to right this speech, I thought to myself, “damn I should’ve sat down sooner.”  But in all seriousness when I started to write it turned out to be pretty easy for me to talk about how much I love Jennifer and now Andy.
Jennifer has always played such a special and unique role in my life.  For those of you who don’t know me I am Jen’s younger half sister by 8 years.  We didn’t grow up together but that didn’t stop her from being one of my favorite people in the whole world.  From when I was little, and I cried every summer, all the way home from the airport after dropping her off, to looking forward to our special sister trips, to going to her for advice about pretty much everything…she’s always been someone I’ve looked up to, trusted, and loved.  I was so excited to be her Maid of Honor because I felt like I finally got a chance to give back to her for all that she’s done for me over the years.  I don’t know what I did to get so lucky, but for sisters, Jen you truly are a blessing, a role model, a best friend.

When people asked me how I felt about the wedding, I could honestly tell them that I was extremely excited.  I was excited to see my sister finally have her special day.  I was excited to welcome Andy into my family, I was excited for the promised open bar.  But most of all I was excited to see my sister so absolutely happy.

            Now I understand a lot of you haven’t gotten the pleasure of getting to know Andy and Jen as a couple and I think it can best be summed up by this quote I pretty much found last night on the internet, “Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.”  Jen and Andy are the best kind of couple, they are best friends before anything else.  So here’s to my best friend, who is marrying one of hers.  I wish my sister and her new husband all the love, health, and happiness life has to offer.  Cheers."

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