Lovely Monday

Hi everyone!  How was your prospective Mondays?  I spent mine out and about preparing and planning for the Bridal Shower I'm throwing my sister this weekend.  Don't worry I'll be sure to post about everything I did this week and next.

Last week I had a mini-reunion with my college roommates.  Seeing and being with them is like being with family.  I would be 10 times happier if I could live with at least one of them again, hopefully that will happen this year. 

Anyway, we went shopping on Melrose and then to dinner at Lala's Argentian restaturant, also on Melrose.  I felt like a total LA local.  I love a lot about LA but I'm way happier to visit then actually live there.

::pumpkin spice latte, how I love thee//Melrose inspiration//shopping//good food with great company, is there anything better?::


  1. I hope the shower goes well! Make sure to take some pictures :)

  2. Mmmm I need to get me one of those lattes!

  3. This sounds wonderful! There's nothing better than hanging out with the girls and just catching up and having a great time together : ] And I totally get what you mean about how it's better to visit L.A. than to visit. I love going down there but it's definitely not the place for me to live (I'm in the Bay Area). I'm glad I'm close enough to visit when I can though!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time. The pumpkin spiced latte sounds amazing, I have never tried one.

  5. This was short and sweet and perfect.

    "Let this day be your first" sigh.

    Good luck with the shower!

  6. good food with great company is the best! Did you eat a lot of meat? I was once a few days in Argentina, and I ate soooo much meat during my time there.. They serve abnormally large portions there.



  7. Great photos!

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