Because He Loves Me

Alright for a minute, I'm going to be like one of those weird cat ladies who never had kids and treat their pets like their children and talk about how great my dog is.

He is always by my side.
He never cancels his plans with me.
He is always home when I come home.

Okay maybe this post is really more about my frustration with a friend who cancelled plans today, but still animals are great.


  1. that is the great thing about animals, they are always there for you. whenever i am sad i swear m dogs know and they just and cuddle up with me. it is the sweetest. im sorry your friend cancelled on you, i hate when that happens

  2. It's true, I love how loyal animals can be. Love them!!!
    xo TJ

  3. Been there! I don't understand why people bail!
    But it's the same for me, my dogs make me smile anyway!