An Instagram Weekend in San Francisco

This weekend Jon and I went to San Francisco because he was interviewing with a couple of accounting firms in the city.  We both really hope to move up there next year in the fall when we're both done with school.  Anyway, like all weekends in San Francisco for us, it was such a good time...the city has such great personality to it.
 Jon right outside our friend Audrey's apartment.  Audrey was my roommate last year and she now lives in Nob Hill, right in the middle of the city.

 Audrey and Jon walking to eat in North Beach (SF's little Italy).
 Tony's pizza, where we ate...phenomenal. 

 "The New Yorker", they cook it at 900 degrees for like 45 seconds.
 Jon and I with some left over pizza and gelato.
 The Bigfoot Lodge, a bar down the street from Audrey's place.
 Our drinks, "Melted Rootbeer Float" and "Creamsicle."  They were both really good.  I love rootbeer floats so this drink was one of my favorites.
 Me with my two housemates from last year, both live up in the bay area now.  (The flash was really bright =p)
 My view walking home from the bar.

 Union Square, they were building/decorating the tree when I came.  I can't wait until I can come to Union Square when it has its full Christmas decor.
The Ice Rink in Union Square.

I love blogging about special days/trips I have because it forces me to keep looking for the beauty in things.  I don't just walk by a great view or a cool building...I take a picture of it and so I really look at it and appreciate it, and life slows down for just a moment.

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